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We had a chance to do a quick Skype interview with singer/actor Gackt about his recent work including his role in Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker available on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday. We’re excited to have him not only voice the Knight Commander Martel in Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, but also sing the song “Until the Last Day” on the credits.  Gackt is known for his vocal work in Malice Mizer, as a solo artist, and his upcoming group Yellow Fried Chickenz. In addition to his music, Gackt also acts in various movies, anime and video games including his international debut Bunraku (movie), Dirge of Cerberus (game), New Fist of the North Star (anime), and Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker (animated movie). Watch the interview for some fun stories and insight on Gackt and his career. For more on Gackt:

Gackt’s English omg. He’s so damn adorable ide. 

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    aaaaah i made a croaking noise because i always dork out at him speaking english
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    Very cool interview! I love to witness the way Gackt has matured as a person and he doesn’t seem to consider himself a...
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    I was rolling around cause he english was smexy. I know it hard for him but he’ll get it. ;) It’s pretty good and his...
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    God damn it Funimation. I was planning to give this movie a miss for it’s dodgy animation but now… now I have to watch...
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    I would like to point out HOW HE SAYS HIS OWN NAME IN ENGLISH. So fuck everyone who has ever said you have to say it...
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    I am feeling things
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    I like to hear him talking in english and it’s good. Could be much better but if it’s him I don’t really care XD
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