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Erwin x Levi / Mike x Erwin

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I LOVE GACKT ✿ Japan ✿ Design ✿ Music Fashion ✿ Food&Sweets ✿ Pretty & Cute Things ✿ Shingeki no Kyojin ✿ Erwin x Levi / Mike x Erwin
lol "sexual attraction" for that Levi post XD haha seriously though, i love him

Haha I always tag pics/fanart of Levi as sexual attraction instead of Levi.. which I’m not really sure why since his name is so much shorter.

Levi tag = sexual attraction

Erwin tag = booboo

上等機動歩兵リヴァイ | まいね

aot in 20 years

Kid: Mom, I found this book in one of your storage boxes called "Attack On Titan".
Mom: ...
Kid: What's up, Mom?
Mom: Get your brother Levi, and your sisters Mikasa and Sasha. It's time I told you the truth.

That woman was cray

The joys of working in retail, especially a dollar store. Brings in every piece of shit possible.

Today at work a woman started to yell at a cashier about how she was rude & disrespectful at the top of her lungs because the cashier took a customer before her when she stepped off the line & wasn’t even fucking there.

They were arguing for a few minutes so I stepped in asking her to calm down & then she started yelling at me about how I was also disrespectful & when she asked for a manager & I said I was one, she proceeded to insult me & tell me to ‘grow up little girl’ so I yelled back that for an adult she was acting like a child. Then she started cursing at me so I cursed back at her out of anger. Not very professional of me, but this lady was yelling over something so fucking ridiculous that was pretty much her own fault.

I may be a new manager, & I may be little & look young, but you’re not going to insult me or my co-workers because of something that’s YOUR fault & you act like a psycho bitch over. I don’t understand customers sometimes, & being polite to the people that flip their shit over stupid things doesn’t pay off I won’t curse in the workplace anymore so I don’t get in trouble but fuck that stupid bitch


what your zodiac says about you:

aries: shingeki no kyojin
taurus: attack on titan
cancer: a tta ck o n tit an? /??
leo: shINGEki no kyoJIN
libra: shingeki
scorpio: no
sagittarius: kyojin
aquarius: attack on TITAN



【腐向け】 差 【エルリ】| yoshi



Even if you don’t live in Staten Island, New Dorp, NY or even the USA. Please just reblog this post.

A few hours ago Juliane Infantino walked out of her house and has not been seen since. She is still missing and everyone is trying to find her. Please if any of you or your friends live near New Dorp, SI call this number: (718) 667-221.

It is the number to the 122nd precinct in New Dorp. If you give them a call and say you’ve been looking for her and you think there’s a very good chance something might be wrong because of what she posted online, they should go look. 

If you live around there and can get out at this hour please help us look around for her. I unfortunatley live far away and can’t help the search party but we are trying to get as many people as we can.

She has had suicidal intentions before and we are very worried. If you find out ANYTHING please contact me.

Please signal boost.

I work right near New Dorp. I’ll keep a look out for this girl.


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