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「悔いなき選択」A Choice with No Regrets
Are you going to kill me, Levi?
Yeah, the reason why I joined the Survey Corps is…
Erwin, so that I can kill you.


when ur thirsty for fic but you have quite fucking literally read every single quality fanfiction for the pairing

 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

intox-detox asked: Just to let you know that you got me hooked onto Eruri. I knew about snk and some of the characters but I kept seeing pretty fanart of Eruri. And that pretty much sent my life into a downwards spiral of Eruri. It doesn't look like it is stopping any time soon... Also mikeruri is pretty nice as well. B)







Haha awesomeeee ;) I don’t even know what got me into Eruri, I got hooked onto SnK by people I was following but none of them were Eruri fans. There are a lot of great Eruri artists, I’m thankful for that, it’s the only otp I really have haha /plus, the Eruri fans are super kinky, probably the kinkiest pairing in the series/

I’m happy that my endless reblogs of pretty &/or hardcore Eruri made some of my followers some fans haha. I’ve even gotten comments by people who don’t even watch the show enjoy the Eruri.

& I’ve just recently gotten into Erumike I’m pretty sure I have a huge size kink at this rate tbh— even though it’s not as drastic as Eruri but it’s still kinda there.


I must admit I haven’t really watched the the show either I just saw fanart. I’m only reading a choice with no regrets. But yes! The art is fantastic and so are the fics. I can never get enough of Rich boy/sugar daddy Erwin. 

Size kink is beautiful but there needs to be more fics of mikeruri. Is Erumike their ship name? Because I’ve seen so many variations. o.o

Haha no prob! I’m really bad at follow backs but I enjoy when people talk to me, so I’m happy to follow back! I’m sorry if it took long ugg D:

That’s okay! It’s nice that people enjoy something even if they’re not that into it, so I’m glad you’re not forced to blacklist it or something haha. A Choice With No Regrets is that happy place for Eruri fans. At this point, I feel like that’s what it’s for (& if you read the VN, I feel like it confirms it). I love the sugardaddy AU Erwin too. It’s kinda overdone but I could care less lol.

Tbh, I haven’t really read EruMike fic— I’ve rp’ed it but never had interest in reading fic on them. Any fic that has them as a side pairing has been super depressing & I’m a super baby & it makes me sad so I kinda avoid it :| I think it’s only EruMike & Mikeeru for their ship? I know I see a shit ton of different names for any ship Levi is in

Naw it is okay! I’m a long term follower but when I first followed you it was for Gackts beautiful moobies (still do tbh even if I’m not into Jrock/jpop that much any more.)I remade my blog like a year ago. So I am not expecting many/any followers excluding friends I invite.

I haven’t touch any of the VN, I’ve seen them floating around but I don’t understand what is going. Do you think their relationship will become canon? I mean everything sounds logical but everything might get messed up in the manga. Any particular fic themes you like in snk? Reincarnation fics get to my soul.

EruMike & Mikeeru… I’m just going to stick Mikeruri. But yeah there isn’t a lot about less than 15. Some are good, some are incomplete etc etc.

Oh yes, the beautiful Gackt boobies :Q__ Well, thank you for speaking to me so that I gained a friend! I get a lot of followers on & off that I have given up attempting xD; That’s horrible, I’m so lazy

The VN is just A Choice With No Regrets in a story form, so basically the same thing is going on, it’s just that the VN has finished, so if you read it, you know how it ends. As for Eruri becoming canon, I wish, but I don’t see it happening, because I honestly don’t think the characters really give a shit about relationships (except for Mikasa over Eren & Ymir & Christa). Since you haven’t read the SnK manga, I don’t really want to spoil it for you too much (unless you’ve seen the spoilers already), but with the direction it’s going, I’m a little worried about Levi possibly betraying Erwin in some way. I don’t see him losing trust in Erwin, but some things going on now is a little shifty. If I went into more detail, I’d probably spoil it more for you ^^;

I have read reincarnation fic before, but I’m a really emotional person, so reading about my favorite characters dying makes me kinda butthurt haha. Besides sugardaddy Erwin, I tend to like fics where Erwin is just horrible at hitting up Levi or just clueless, like that hot embarrassing guy. & I really tend to like teacher!Erwin x student! Levi. Ummm.. I also kinda like the mermaid AUs that tend to go on, cause I kinda like fantasy shit.

I think Mikeruri would refer to Mike x Erwin x Levi, since Levi’s name is in there, right? Not that I would mind that threesome at all, as long as Erwin is in the middle of the sandwich ;) haha

*throws confetti* Don’t worry about being lazy my timing/response is terrible and bent. 

Oooh I see, thank you for explaining but I’ll probably wait for the manga to come out. Unless everyone dies or something. Hmm not a high chance of Eruri becoming canon, that is unfortunate. *GASPS* Shifty ideas, sounds dramatic! I don’t mind being spoiled, I saw chapter 56 spoilers and I was running on the ceiling. GIVE IT TO ME~ (Plus I am more likely have a fandom breakdown which is amusing to my followers.)

No nononono you are not being butthurt. You love yourself so you don’t put yourself through such torment. Repeatedly. Then again half of the fandom could be masochists. Having AUs where everyone is alive and ‘happy’ shows how broken a fandom is… I haven’t read any mermaid AUs seen plenty of fanart tho. I am interested.

Yeah that was what I was going by because looking at the other two names they didn’t have levi in there. Nevertheless if two of them or all three of them together is fantastic. Of course Erwin is in the middle. I mean size difference.

Depending on who you consider ‘everyone’, I think it’s obvious that Levi, Mike, Erwin & Hanji survive since.. ACWNR came before SnK xD Canonly, Erwin & Levi’s relationship is the deepest trust, but it doesn’t seem like a romance kind— most of the ships in SnK don’t — even though most Ereri shippers do, but a good amount of them are all kinds of crazy. I can’t really put my finger on as to why I feel like Levi is so shifty with his sides, but who he’s trained other, it’s kind of suspicious what his exact intentions are.

Haha yeah I refuse to read any fics with major character death of those 2 
[SPOILER ALERT] Mike dies later in the manga, so there is a lot of death angst art/fic surrounding Erwin’s feelings & it’s just like NOOO I hate it & if that makes me sad, I can only imagine what my #1 otp feels would be with such a thing [END SPOILER]. I saved some of my fav Eruri fics on my archiveofour own account if you’re interested. From what I remember, there is only one there that’s listed as a fic with character deaths— a good amount of them are either pwp or AUs tbh.




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neither. the penis does not exist until you summon it through a series of mystic chants and riverdancing 

i worry about the people on here sometimes


Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same



Last post got so many Steve Rogers/Chris Evans tags


that I can’t be sure anymore. 










Roo wanted Catdad!Levi cleaning himself so Roo got Catdad!Levi cleaning himself